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Business Card Designer Pro Tutorials

Business Card Basics

A business cards come in many size across the world. Different countries use different sizes of business card. Some people even prefer a particular size to fit their wallet or for other convenient storage.

A business card has two basic orientations: Horizontal & Vertical
A business card can also be two type: 1-sided or 2-sided.
Some business cards come as tent cards for display purposes.

Who needs a business card?

Business Owners and employees: If you have a business or if you are a corporate employee, then you certainly need it. Create different cards for different clients!
Home Users: Business cards are not just for businesses. Use it to create your personal information card for yourself and your family!
Clubs and stores: Use it to create membership cards for your local club or store!

How Business Card Designer Pro can help you?

  • Create 2 or many types of cards in small runs to cater to different clients.
  • Create custom business cards for trade shows to reflect special events and promotions.
  • If you have several jobs titles, you can create separate cards for each.
  • Create visiting card with you name and email without business identity to give to family friends.
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